Monday, 9 December 2013

Big Business and Western Governments are leading us to the Abyss and Agamemnon in Many Ways

Powerful lobby groups do all the bidding for big business and that's why government becomes the end.

Which all leads to

But wouldn't it be better to consider

or my comment concerning the proposed US-EU trade pact -

What you should know about the 'Gates Foundation' and Others, and how they manipulate the system to their own ends and predominantly unknown to the people - indeed they are not the so-called good guys that they make out to be -
In this respect also, in an up and coming article we show how 'Corporates Psychopaths' have and are destroying the World and Humanity - watch out for it as it will blow your mind and you will never see the world again as it is.

Dr David Hill
Chief Executive
World Innovation Foundation


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