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VOTE for JEREMY CORBYN - People Politics are NO More & Wealth and Power Politics of the Few Control the People, Their Families and Their Futures , 'NOT' who you Vote For - For a New and Positive 'CHANGE', I would Vote for Jeremy Corbyn as the New Labour Leader

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 Stop Press: Jeremy Corbyn wins economists’ backing for anti-austerity policies (Former adviser to Bank of England among signatories to letter dismissing criticism of economic plans, saying they are ‘not extreme’)
'Jeremy Corbyn's opposition to austerity is actually mainstream economics'  -
In Britain today it is all 'power' politics and where there is NO difference between the Conservative Party and the Labour Party when it comes to the wishes of the rich and powerful, and NOT the wishes of the vast majority of the people (90% of the UK population at least).

That is why  apparently even the Labour Party's high command wants to destroy their heritage in many ways  and where they have come from - the Party once for the majority of the people. Indeed two of the present Labour leadership candidates are from the Blair Administration with Blair indoctrinated values that fermented personal greed and personal vested-interests at the top, as Blair has shown clearly since leaving office and where the other out of the four is according to some media information, more of a Conservative candidate than a Labour candidate. All three of course do not wish Corbyn to become their NEW leader, as they know he has the fundamental virtues and values that the Labour Party was founded with - people caring and 'for all' qualities.

Indeed the people are crying out for politicians who 'really' represent them and a new breed of political leaders to emerge. In Corbyn they have that and it is a bit like 'back to the future'.

For what has happened over the last 20 years is that both the Labour Party and the Tories have become inseparable in terms of Party values and where the rich get everything, the toffee and the ha'penny. In both Party cases, politics of the people have been surmounted and substituted for the politics of the super-rich and the mighty corporations. Indeed it is now more important for the Party to be in power than to clearly represent the people, who are now second rate in the politics of both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. There is no difference as power behind the throne has become king.

Now Blair and his ilk are coming out of the woodwork to preserve the status quo of the Labour Party's Blairite position, that does in essence no good in the long  term for the people of the UK, only for those financial backers of the Party (the rich and powerful individual party donors and the large corporate donors et al). They have been bought in other words and where the people only get the crumbs off the table, as long as the rich and powerful people and corporations behind the throne allow it.

Therefore Corbyn should be seen as a breath of fresh air and similar to Farage as a change-master in many ways. But, of course the present guard in the Labour Party will try their best and with all their might to look after their rich donors, as they privately made subtle deals behind closed doors whilst in office (much like Blair) and who are looked after handsomely by the State and through lucrative private employment and sponsorship deals once out of politics.   

That is what politics is all about today, not what you can do for your country as Kennedy once expressed, but what you can get out of the country for yourself.

For that is where it has all gone wrong and in the Labour Party's case, Blair started this immoral slide down the slippery path of democratic corruption many years ago.

Indeed if both the Tories and Labour continue on this same path of enriching their donors and financial supporters together with themselves and not the vast majority of the people, civil disobedience, revolution and anarchy will be the eventual outcome. For there can be no other dire outcome if things do not change for 9 out of 10 people living in Britain today.

But does the present Labour leadership care? Apparently not, as they are doing their best to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming the next leader of the Labour Party, for as they know if that happens, their number is up. The word on the street is, now we can't have that now can we, as we shall all lose out on all our perks and private agreements behind closed doors that we have secured if that happens. Something that has not to be the case at all costs and to hell with the people in reality, as they are only a means to an end.

Indeed in one case to show how the Labour leadership has changed entirely and moved to the other end of the spectrum, Liz Kendall told the Labour Party (according to media information) that it should not have supported the Palestinians and should have sided with Israel, thus forgetting the dire plight of the 'underdog' (Labour should not have voted to recognise Palestine, says leadership candidate Liz Kendall -  How can Labour have drifted so far to the 'Right' it has to be asked and where some media reporting has stated that Kendall could have been a Conservative MP? The reason is clear, Kendall and the others, other than Corbyn of course, cite that Labour will be unelectable if they go more to the 'left' (the Labour Party's roots). But unelectable for who it has to be asked, for themselves or for the people? The last 20 years has shown that it is the former, as the people's wishes have in the main fallen on deaf ears, but where the pockets of labour leaders and Blairite politicians in the main, have been richly filled and are still being constantly filled today. In this respect it is estimated by some international and national media outlets that Blair is now worth between £100 million and £200 million since leaving office (for Blair receives as a single example, according to the mainstream media, $7 million a year from the President of Kazakhstan - for God knows what it has to be said, but where it certainly is not for advice on how a democracy should be run or for peace) and Gordon Brown who was last year the highest paid politician in Westminster with his external income that amounted to around £1 million.  This has all to change and Labour has to go back to filling the pockets of the people of this great country and where for this to happen, only a change in thinking and people's universal philosophy can do this. Corbyn in my mind is the right person to do this as a future British Prime Minister, after becoming the Leader of the Labour Party. For in my opinion also, Corbyn will do this as he believes in humanitarian values.

But it has to be stated that there is a great fallacy in what most people perceive and basically think about who actually runs the country.  In this respect it is not the prime minister or Downing Street that actually runs the country and makes government function, but Whitehall and the Civil Service. So it does not matter if you have a monkey as prime minister living in no.10 Downing Street, as things will just run as they were if someone like Blair was still in power. That is a fact and the reason why political leaders and those at the top in the Labour Party and Conservative Party are more interested in the private deals that they can secure whilst in office and for when they retire from governing the country. They are now therefore I believe more interested in personal benefits than making the lives of the people better. That is due of course to personal vested-interests and where greed drives such people at the top, not doing good for all, based upon historical information. That is why Corbyn is also the right man to change all this, for both the long-term public good and the good of the nation.

Indeed, you only have to look at what the Labour Government did to 90% of the people by allowing the banks to get totally out of control. For the majority of people don't know either that in 2003 and a clear 5-years before the financial meltdown, Greenspan (chairman of the Fed and the world's most powerful central banker at the time), told Blair, Brown and Bush (together with the conservative leadership at the time through 'leaks'), that if they did not rein-in  the financial markets, a 'global meltdown/crash' would be inevitable. What did Blair, Brown and Bush do? Absolutely nothing and where the Conservatives (although they knew of Greenspan's profound words), did not put in any strong resistance to what was going on and where this was clearly due to their friends in the 'City', whom of course they did not want to upset.

And also in this respect, because of prudence Brown's relaxation of the 'City's financial regulations and the opening up of the UK's financial services, where control was completely diluted (remember the 'City' was and still is, the financial centre of the world and not New York and therefore what happens in the 'City' affects everyone, even the USA), this so-called liberation of the markets, created the worst financial bubble in the history of the world (far greater than the others in financial terms) that eventually burst and where the people of the UK will be suffering and paying back for these ultimate bad decisions for centuries, not mere decades as people may think. Who would have allowed 130% mortgages without undertake in-depth due diligence, but Brown's liberative financial policy and modus operandi did.

For the debt of the nation is far, far greater than what is perceived by most people and by a factor of 15 equating it to the national debt according to PriceWaterhouseCooper's (PwC) chief economist, one of the world's  'big 4' accountancy corporations. Confirmation of this major unknown fact can be seen by visiting,  'UK's Debt is far more than what people really think' -

Therefore British politics needs someone like Corbyn more than anything else to bring back a sense of justice and morality into UK politics. If not, things will definitely get far worse for 90%+ of the British people in the future, as the Conservatives and the current carbon-copy Labour Party place their personal agendas above that of the people who voted them into power.

Therefore the British people have just to wake up to what is really happening and where when you delve deep, it is not a pretty sight.

Corbyn would also make for a rarity and where if he eventually became Labour leader and then Prime Minister, things would definitely change for the better of the whole country in my opinion and not just for the very few with more money to burn than they can spend in a lifetime. Indeed, forget about the smokescreens, misinformation and former masquerades that former Labour and Tory Administrations created, as they all failed in reality to make the country prosper long-term by their very nature, and where we have to bring in something that is needed from the past. For this has not to be seen as threat, but as a new era of change for good.

We have therefore to go 'back to the future' in order to make great positive socio-economic progress for the British people and also of course, for a meaningful life for all future British generations to come -  including our children, our grandchildren and their children in the 21st century.

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation
26 July 2015 (updated 23 August 2015)


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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Now the EU has signed up to Kill us slowly and to Give us Cancers Through Carcinogenic Crop Sprays & GM Foods - How long will we stand for such madness to continue is the big question?

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1. The TTIP has made EU political leaders 'Accept' Carcinogenic Crop Sprays that have the full Propensity to Kill and Produce 'Cancers' within millions of EU citizens in the future, creating a huge 'increased' Market in drugs and treatments for the vast USA healthcare industry once the TTIP is signed 

Now the EU has signed up to Kill us slowly and to Give us Cancers - How long will we stand for such madness to continue is the big question?

The way things go, is that you first create a market and then you literally make a killing. That is what is now clearly happening around the world as the vast accumulated power of the corporations over the last 40-years through unprecedented corporate consolidation and its conduit globalisation, has created a mere 2,000 corporations (the 'Global 2000') that now controls 51% of the world's total economic turnover and where they are getting biggest and fewer by the year. With complete complicity of our political leaders and their lieutenants in this global agenda to dominate the world, we have a modern version of slavery emerging not just in third world nations, but increasingly in all western nations. Political leaders and corporate leaders have got together behind closed doors to create a monster that is both destroying the world and in the process, the very futures of the vast majority of humankind and their survival. People will think that this cannot possibly be happening and our politicians would not allow it to happen, but by stealth this is what in reality is happening behind people's backs and not reported in the mainstream media globally.

For a single example of what is going on and the new way to create markets, is to get our political leaders to reduce the health standards through massive trade deals, all pressurised by the financial and economic power of the largest corporations in the world. For these secret and behind closed door's arrangements and private agreements between political leaders and the controllers of big business, are forging an unregulated and basically evil way of doing business. I shall tell you how.

Very recently in political terms the EU negotiators, due to intense pressure from the US negotiators with regard to the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership), relented on safety health issues and have now allowed across the EU and of course Britain, the use of carcinogenic crop sprays to be used to produce our food. Knowingly they have allowed cancer inducing chemicals to be used to produce our future food within the EU 28. You will think again that this cannot possibly be true, but unfortunately it is unbelievably true. - 'EU To Allow Carcinogenic Pesticides After TTIP Pressure from US' -

But there is a bigger reason other than the selling of cancer inducing crop sprays on a massive scale by such corporations as Monsanto and producing billions in profits for such companies, and that is where private healthcare kicks in. You see by creating more cancer in people (men, women and children) you create a connected two prong industrial profit-making machine for the mighty corporations.

For as more people are diagnosed with cancer, the massive private healthcare industry kicks in, as the people with cancer need perpetual treatment on an ever growing basis. Many die of course, but this is just a side-line and side effect in the minds of the mighty corporations who only know one thing, to produce profits no matter what it takes for the rich and powerful few. Vast numbers of deaths are just an occurrence within the system of making more and more wealth for the psychopathic and sociopathic rich few who control our political leaders behind closed doors.

This new killing system is clear, allow things to be used that directly cause death to be used universally throughout nations, and then treat them on a never ending cycle of cancer related health problems.

As Monsanto is now trying to buy Syngenta, its main rival in the EU for pesticides, the US will control the crop spray market throughout EU 28. - 'How a Monsanto-Syngenta Merger Could Happen' -

And when the European politicians sign the TTIP agreement with the US, the vast US healthcare industry will in many ways devour the European healthcare system and where other US companies are already making further markets for them through increased projected cancers in the people of Europe. One has to understand that people today in the UK for instance, only have officially a 50/50 chance of survival if they have cancer (all cancers taken into account). Indeed some leading health economists have estimated that the increase in cancers throughout the EU by allowing Monsanto to use its carcinogenic crop sprays, will add over 200,000,000,000 EURO over a 10-year period for cancer treatments alone. Therefore the connection between selling billions and billions of dollars of cancer creating crop sprays into the EU and the healthcare needed for treating the deadly outfall of this insane agreement by our EU politicians with the USA.

This is why the TTIP is an evil system of trade, as it introduces systems that create markets at the expense of 100s of thousands of deaths and sick people through the treatments for increased cancer.

Why are our politicians allowing all this misery to be unleashed upon the people of the EU it has to be asked? There can be only one answer to that question and where behind closed doors they are controlled by the rich and powerful who don't give a damn for human life as long as they are getting wealthier and wealthier by the year. Total madness, but that is what is exactly happening when you study what is really happening with these enormous so-called free trade deals. Indeed the TTIP will be once it is signed, the world's largest trade deal ever, binding the two largest economic blocs on the planet in perpetuity as it is irrevocable...Yes, irrevocable and forever as the Treaty states clearly.

Therefore globalisation has and is constantly creating, the most evil system of development ever. In this respect also, capitalist globalisation is far more devastating than any world war, as it is in perpetuity and none ending. Both our political leaders and corporate leaders simply do not care on the dire level of harm that they inflict on people, and that is a fact through their sheer actions.

So the next time you eat a meal, just think, will I have cancer in a few years time? But there again you have the knowledge that the US private health service will save you, now wont it? I don't think so, as presently we have only a 50/50 chance of survival and with the new carcinogenic crop sprays you can probably cut your survival rate down to less than one in one. What a future we have to look forward to?

But how many more people in the States have died from cancers since Monsanto was allowed to use its cancer inducing crop sprays some 10-years ago? Probably a few million, but where American politicians and American corporations are not really bothered, as they both only look to financial gain these days and not the good of their people.

On a last point, don't think that the NHS in the UK will save you either, as the TTIP makes it quite clear that monopolies cannot exist. And what is the NHS? You guessed it, its a monopoly. Don't believe either our political leaders who say that they will exempt the NHS from the TTIP, as to do this it would needs 2/3rds of EU 28 nations to agree to this, together with other restrictive practices to kick in throughout the EU.

2. GM Crops will 'Flood' the EU once the TTIP is signed as if the EU resist, the TTIP on trade grounds and loss of corporate profits, will override all EU Law and Sovereign Laws of the EU 28

Once the TTIP is signed and sealed by our politicians, there will be nothing to stop Genetically-modified foods to be sold to the 500 million-plus citizens and where GMO labeling will be illegal due to them being counter to the TTIP's trade rules. Therefore as times goes on, post the TTIP agreement being adopted by EU politicians and their leaders, TTIP trade rules will override EU and Sovereign Laws, so that GM foods can be produced and sold throughout EU 28. There will be no stopping them as if a nation or the entire EU wanted to ban them, it would be illegal under the trade rules as this would be seen as affecting the corporation's profits and free trade. Health of the people will not be an allowable excuse or reason to stop GM foods.

As GM foods are relatively new in terms of their creation through modifications, no-one really knows if there will be long-term health effects on humans, as the time to study their effect is not long enough. Therefore once spread throughout the EU and where if any human defects were found in future generations, it would be too late to do anything about any dire health problems associated with GM foods.

For a new study commissioned by the Norwegian government, and conducted by a nationally recognised scientific authority on the safety of biotechnologies, concludes that available scientific data on GM crops is inadequate to prove their safety -

'No scientific consensus on GMO safety' -

And, we could not then turn back to organic crops as all soils would be contaminated with GM bacteria and all organic crops would infect new organic crops. Indeed to cultivate new top soil takes hundreds of years to make just 1 inch of topsoil.

' Rapid Topsoil Formation' -
'What If the World’s Soil Runs Out?' -

' No scientific evidence of GM food safety: Norwegian Govt Study' -

3. Civilization is Running Out of Time to save Itself from collapse due to catastrophic food shortages - British Government funded Research

'Scientific model supported by UK Government Taskforce flags risk of civilisation’s collapse by 2040' -

'People and the planet (2012) - The Royal Society -

'MIT computer simulation predicts total global economic collapse in less than 20 years - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - 

4. To Show How Insane Our Political Leaders and their administrations Have Become, President Obama and his Administration in November 2014 Allowed Nazism to Exist in the UN Vote

Due to the Ukraine government having significant Neo-Nazi factions within their political leadership, Obama and his Administration did not vote against Nazism being outlawed at the UN in November last year. This is what our western political leaders will do to keep face with governments that support such atrocious and dire political thinking. Indeed, Obama and his Administration have dishonoured all those US soldiers killed and wounded in WW2 to free the world of Nazism -

Three countries voted to keep Nazism - The USA, Canada and of course the Ukraine.

'9/11: Decade of Deception (Full Film NEW 2015)' -
'Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War' -

It is hoped that the world wakes up to these modern-day 'killing-fields' that are being created quickly, or humanity does face its ultimate extinction based upon leading-edge scientific evidence ?

Stop Press - Cameron Forced to put in the Queen's Speech or suffer defeat in parliament if he did not exclude the NHS from the TTIP trade negotiations

Cameron was forced to include a clause yesterday (19.05.16) so that the NHS was excluded in the TTIP negotiations. This should tell everyone that he is working for the corporations, as the TTIP is a corporate treaty in reality and why should he have had to be forced to do this if the TTIP is so good for the people?

But he is having to do this under duress. Unfortunately for the NHS this will not stop the EU from privatising the NHS over a relatively short period of time when we have signed to stay in the EU and where because the TTIP makes it clear that 'MONOPOLIES' cannot exist, the EU will demand that the NHS is privatised.

And Britain will not be able to do a single thing against this, as we would then be trapped inside an all-powerful EU and under their total control. Don't believe me, return here in a mere 10 years time to see that all the above has unfortunately come true if we stay in the EU. For only by voting OUT can the NHS be saved and that is ultimately the truth.

I just wish people would wake up to the reality of the EU and where we shall definitely not be able to save the NHS and anything else for that matter that we cherish so much, once we sign to stay in the EU. For this time it will be forever.

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation
16 July 2015 (updated 17 September 2016)


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