Sunday, 20 November 2016

Donald Trump – Prepare Yourself for the Best President in the History of the United States of America and who will Serve the American People for Two Terms and Possibly More if Legislation Allows it

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A great deal of negative overtones have been said and stated about President-Elect Donald Trump prior to the American Elections and still continue even today. But the truth is that Trump is a breath of fresh air and where the ‘Establishment’ including Obama has been denied the continuation of their ‘steady state’ existence, where nothing good really changed for 90% of the American people. Indeed under all previous White House Administrations over the last thirty years or so the vast majority of the working class and middle class, have lost out and where only the top 10% have in real terms, increased their wealth in any meaningful way. In this respect the true unemployment rate as we stand today, when the ‘economically inactive’ (those who want work but cannot get jobs because they are over 50 years of age et al) are taken into account, is around 31% and no way near the US official figures of just below 5% that Obama and his predecessors have constantly cited. Therefore nearly a third of people in the United States who are eligible for work are unemployed.

Trump has said that he will make the United States great again and I think he will. But if Hilary Clinton had won, you could have said goodbye to that possibility. For Clinton had over 20 years of front-line experience as a leading American politician and first lady, but where nothing really positive happened in terms of finances and wellbeing for the majority of the American people and whilst she held high office with certainly presidential influence.

Therefore Trump has a new mandate and has not the batten passed on by previous Administrations to keep the Establishment boat steady with a ‘don’t rock the boat mentality’. Indeed Trump can make things happen where in reality the others before him did not and where Clinton would have certainly kept on with this no change stagnant administrative mindset.

The big difference appears to be that he listens to outsiders with ‘new’ ideas instead of confining himself to the establishment figures. In other words he is a man for ‘great change’ unlike the previous incumbents of the White House. Indeed, whereas Trump had directly created thousands of jobs himself, Obama and Clinton before him, were lawyers and had no real business acumen to create jobs and wealth. Therefore Trump has a great advantage here as he knows how business ‘ticks’. Indeed, he has gone through bad times in business with corporate bankruptcies and where failure cannot be seen as failure in business, only a learning curve. For those who have never tried, they are not competent even to comment, never mind judge people.  Business is a hard game and is risk taking every day of the year, something that most people have no inclination of the behind the scenes and the worries, anxiety and hard times to become a success. Indeed, a stress ladened constant exercise that the vast number of people will never really know, but were these are the daily problems and challenges that such people like Trump have had to endure. In this respect people only assume that money is easily made, but where it is not.

People have stated and most of mainstream media that were all for Clinton, that Trump was a real worry to global instability and may be a threat to world peace. But if people had looked and studied Clinton, they would have found that she was by far the greater threat by far (if there ever was one with Trump) and where Trump wanted to negotiate with Putin. In this respect Clinton stated that she would contain Russia, agreed to have missiles deployed near to Russia and provided more troops up to the Russian border. On top of this, she stated that she would also contain China by putting a missile curtain around it. Who in their right mind would state these things, stoking up aggression, as that is the last thing that we need to trigger a possible World War 3. Trump never took this attitude and wanted dialogue and where both Russia and China are fully aware of the military might of the USA. The difference again between lawyers and businessmen, where the former have not that much negotiation skills in a business context to join together with people, as they are used to adversarial environments as lawyers, but where the latter would rather negotiate and win, than lose in a big way.  For there can be no greater losers than a third world war I would say. Indeed when it came to the Ukraine, there was no real evidence released by Obama Administration that showed Russian aggression and where that which was put forward, was found to have no real credence. In respect of the annexation of Crimea by Russia, the Russians did not invade the Crimea, but the people of Crimea voted to join Russia in a democratic voting process. But Obama and Clinton et al said that it was Russian aggression, but where again, there was no such evidence of this. 

Other things such as economic sanctions on Russia are also things that you should not do, as global trade is everything. Better to trade than throw bombs at each other in my humble opinion. Therefore in all ways, Trump’s understanding on global politics is good I believe, as he understands that trade is the war to win, not wars. But even he will have to watch the hawks in Washington, as they are all for such things that cost the lives of ordinary people, not themselves. Don’t get me wrong, a nation has to be strong in a military sense, but it has not got to go looking for wars. That is the last thing that any nation’s people want.

The ‘American Dream’ is something that has failed over the last quarter of a century and due entirely to bad political management of the United States of America and their foreign policy. Indeed as we stand today the latest official US figures on poverty states that there are nearly 50 million American people in poverty and of this, over 4 million are children. Therefore Clinton and Obama have not done that well to say the very least in terms of reducing poverty and where it has increased during their tenure to over 20% of the total population of the United States of America. Therefore we have an America now that has around 31% unemployed and 20%+ in poverty. This all due to bad political judgement by previous Administrations in recent times and not having the right President in place acting as overall conductor of the US economy.

But the ‘American Dream’ is all about the mavericks and pioneers who have built the mighty American economy, just like in the early days of the creation of the USA. Without such people the United States would not be the largest economy in the world, but where over the last three administrations alone, the USA has lost out in a major sense to other developing nations. This decline has to be halted and a businessman is well positioned to do this I genuinely believe, not another lawyer like Clinton.

Indeed the early American pioneers were the risk-takers who eventually created the world’s greatest ever economy and where we need them back. Trump’s pedigree and experience, in good and bad times in business, will bode well for America and where the USA does not want deadpan politicians like Obama and another Clinton who would have provided only the same status quo for the vast majority of the American people. For in this respect the United States of America needs great change to make it great again, not mundane political no-hoper thinking that it would have had with Clinton based upon he track record in high office, where the USA’s economy declined in real terms against other growing economies.

Indeed China knows that the wars of the future through the knowledge of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) will not be military, but economic in nature. America has therefore to gain the high ground again and it can only do this through developing the high-technological industries for the future world. We know this as one of our Fellows is HE Jian Song, the former vice-premier of China for 13 years and where during his tenure he developed China’s economic miracle, much of it in the background. He is regarded as China’s leading engineer, being amongst other things, the former President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and their national technology institutions.

Therefore other than the mainstream media and the Washington Establishment saying that Trump will be bad for the United States of America, he is probably the best thing that has happened to the country in many decades. Time will tell, but I consider a hardened international businessman is America’s best bet for making it great again. Indeed, the other alternative, based upon the Clinton and the Obama Administrations, would have definitely made for an accelerated decline in the US economy in my opinion and what socio-economic history tells us.

In this respect the great strength of Trump, as apposed to career politicians, is that he uses great business intuition (gut instinct), together with having a fall-back support to people like his family. Other Presidents have had the latter, but very little of the former and which is based upon decades of experience  that can only be learned at the coal-face of business negotiations and winning in the business arena of global finance and economics. Trump has also a BS in economics and therefore is no academic mug either. This great intuition is the greatest asset I believe that a President of the United States can have (or a Nobel Laureate), as global economics is now everything, not global military power, as that goes into a steep decline if a nation continually falters as America has done so now for over two decades in real terms.

Overall, the USA has just to rebuild itself again and with someone like Trump at the helm, they now definitely have someone who could just do that. For the other, based on what they have done previously in office, would have been a complete long-term disaster for the American people.

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation
19 November 2016


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