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President Donald Trump – The Ultimate Visionary Economic Leader whose Thinking will Revolutionise America for the People and Not the Top 1%

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Political leaders come and go. The vast majority of these leaders in the West have done very little indeed for their people in reality, but where they have financially enriched themselves during, and more so, after they leave office. For when in office they feather their nests continually, so that they can reap the enormous financial rewards once they are no longer their nation’s political leader. Indeed, these leaders who were bought and sold by their financial election backers, although relatively well off compared to their people (90% of them) before they became their nation’s political leader (not in ‘reality’ their economic leader), have made millions and in some cases tens of millions on the back of rich rewards through their financial masters after they leave office.

In this respect most leaders have done the bidding of the ones who put them in power through funding their election campaigns, picking up their pay-back tabs when their man is in office. Consequently most political leaders behind closed doors have always had constraints on what they can do and what they cannot do for their people. In recent times you only have to look at Blair in the United Kingdom and Clinton in the USA to see what goes on and where they have according to some media sources, amassed not millions, but hundreds of millions and where it is still flowing in for doing the bidding of their behind-the-scene’s powerful financial donors from the beginning.

One can see clearly that promises are made behind closed doors (before they become president or prime minister) where something that is financially beneficial to the rich and powerful individuals supporting them. Whether this is through direct payments or payments to their political party makes no difference, as either way, they are buying future financial benefits. These buyers of benefits include the top 1% super-rich corporations and even countries (using their taxpayers money). As an example of these hidden agendas and beneficial agreements, Hillary Clinton is a prime example and where agreed financial contributions to the Clinton Foundation are being curtailed, as the financial benefits are not there anymore. People will say that this has nothing to do with H. Clinton political campaign and a Clinton presidency, but where one has to ask oneself, why were rich individuals, corporation and even governments of nations prepared to give 100s of millions of dollars collectively to the Clinton Foundation prior to the US elections, but now because there is not a 2nd President Clinton, they have vastly reduced those considerable donations?  Using what most people think and common sense, the probability can only be that the Clintons cannot now go through and provide the private agreements that were made in secret?  People can make up their own minds on this, but there is considerable evidence out there on the WWW. But I now see also that Obama is having a Clinton-style Foundation. The question is, how long will it be before questions are being asked there as well, as these forms of Foundations, are a tax-exempt vehicles that the rich and powerful use to avoid taxation (thus the people again loose out in not having the benefit of the taxes to fund social wellbeing) and where they keep control of all the funding - the best of all worlds and that is why rich people create them. The most recent example in the UK is the next thing to a British prime minister, the former chancellor George Osborne, who has taken up a job as senior adviser to BlackRock, the world's largest investor, showing that the 'old boy's political and financial global network is operating very well for them, but not unfortunately for the people. Indeed history shows that former senior ministers/ministers/secretary-of states have taken highly prized jobs and exorbitantly paid jobs (off the richter scale in job terms), due to their previous political positions, most where there were no other candidates interviewed for the job and sheer political and financial nepotism at the very highest level. But having said all that, this system has gone on for decades now and why all or most former US presidents, had not a free hand as they had sold their souls to the devil beforehand.

Democracy in reality was killed off, as the people's will and aspirations were never allowed to become a 'future reality' and where nine out of ten people were never part of any economic benefit. For that went to those behind closed doors, pulling the strings of power to the socio-econimic detriment of the vast majority of the people. Indeed, a late great visionary friend who advised no less than ten US presidents saw with his own eyes people entering the White House realatively well off, but when they left, they were worth tens of millions and more. This will not happen to Trump, as he already has that already together with his billionare appointees running the show. For vast wealth works both ways and although greed can be ever present, the relatively poor man as history has shown in politics, is usually the most corrupt and the majority crave to be rich, something that they have never had. History again is full of these politicians, who made millions on the back of previous high level political positions and where history does not lie, but where some wish that it would due to the corruptive nature of the facts.

Trump is different in this respect and where he is a President who already has billions and where he is not beholden to anyone that I am aware of. Consequently no-one can get to him, even the most rich and powerful throughout the world. This is Trumps great difference with all other presidents that he has followed and can do as he likes to a great extent as the world’s most powerful individual. Subsequently he can keep to his promises to the people as best that he can without having to look over his shoulder all the time and be dictated too by others. That has been the Achilles Heel with passed presidents of the United States and where it is a great strength that other US presidents did not have. But added to this great strength he also has his ancestral roots firmly with working people. In this respect his late mother who influenced his life, came from the Scottish Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides in 1930 to the USA, for a new life from relative poverty in Scotland and had to struggle like the vast majority of normal people do today. Therefore rightly or wrongly, I feel that Trump will keep to his election promises to the best of his ability and far in advance of any other modern-day US President. I also think that above all the bluster and rhetoric, Trump is a man of his word and where the old handshake on a deal, is all that it takes. The world needs more leaders like Trump for great change to happen, as it certainly was not under the old political guard and the steady state way of passing on to others with no great change or benefit in reality for 90% of the American people.

Time will tell, but without having to answer to others he is in reality, a free man to make positive change happen in a very big way.

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
21 January 2017

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