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War and Peace – The Fundamental Base of Continual Wars and Who Fuels the Worst effects on Humanity (the Main Source Players)

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When we look into the reasons of continual wars, we come to realise that there are certain players who control the major part of why wars actually happen and continually happen without any meaningful respite.

These can be prioritised into,
  1. Politicians and their longing for Power and Wealth
  2. The Mighty Corporation and their obsession with Continual Vast Profit no matter what
  3. Mainstream Media and their bidding to their master’s will who want wars for their own benefit, not the benefit of the masses.

They are the main reasons that wars happen and they all play their part in instigating carnage on humanity. Indeed, they work together hand-in-hand to make wars an assured and continual thing.

In this respect if a nation like the USA (it used to be the UK, but where now because we have been literally bankrupted by wars and the dire mismanagement of the economy, they are now just the lap dog of the US and follow behind their so-called special relationship friend) are told by a UK prime minister that no matter what George, we are with you, war is inevitable. Indeed Britain follows even though all these wars have to do with US foreign policy and the creation of wealth and safeguarding the risk in any way to the petrodollar. In this respect time-after-time the US starts a war on the grounds of ill-informed information that mainstream media duly oblige to tell the people with this false politico-economic propaganda.  For as most people believe what mainstream media (or even so-called prestigious magazines) tells them is basically the truth, they consequently go along with what they read, see in newspapers and on the tv, radio and the WWW. But where of course it has to be said that the people are not aware of the lies and corruptive nature that these powerful forces together dupe the unwitting public with. Indeed, the politicians and media are not concerned in reality with the outcomes of 90%+ of the people, as all that they are doing is the bidding of their masters the rich and powerful together with the mighty corporations – those who control in reality the  economy.

For today as we stand and things have not really changed when it comes to ‘control’, even though some 50 years ago it took far more corporations to control a considerable degree of world trade, according to Forbes a mere 2,000 corporations dominate 51% of all annual world trade. Therefore the reason behind closed doors, no matter what our politicians may wish to tell us about their so-called independent, non-influenced  by others decision-making process, it is the top 1% who fundamentally control whether there are wars. Money therefore can be said to be the base of all evil in many ways, for unfortunately it is a fact of life and where the 1% have more psychopaths in their ranks than any other sector of society, no matter what country it may be. For as more research into sociopaths and psychopaths emerges and grows (a very neglected area in the social sciences to date), it shows that the people who climb the greasy pole of power and wealth to its pinnacle, have far more dire mental illness traits associated with  Psychopathy compared to the masses. Indeed in the limited recent studies of chief executives of medium-sized corporations, 19% had psychopathic tendencies and traits, with no empathy with their fellow man or woman. In this respect also, one has to consider that the percentage will probably be much higher in the largest global corporations, as the 19% were from relatively smaller corporations than many of the top 2,000 corporations that Forbes cites in their ‘Global 2000’ list.

Consequently with all this economic power in the hands of a mere 2,000 companies and half the wealth in the world in less than 70 individuals, it can be clearly seen who behind closed doors controls governments together with our politicians and why wars continually happen. For it is the very few who indirectly or directly through their decisions that they make out of sight of the people, wreak havoc on humanity and the front guys (our politicians and media moguls) are just there in many ways to just undertake their commands.

Therefore when you study the socio-economic system, ‘Democracy’ just does not exist in reality anymore and the people are given the illusion that it does exist. Indeed, as global consolidation continues unabated at the pinnacle of corporate power in the world, where fewer corporation become evermore controlling by gobbling up other lesser, but still powerful corporations, this becomes a world of all-powerful hidden dictators. For in this respect I shall never forget what an Asian businessman once said over two decades ago about the accumulation of global wealth and where he was deadly serious in that personal wealth of the change-masters at the top was the ultimate power transfer in the world and that will determine what will be, or will not be. Therefore only a small minority of people rule the world with the most powerful global corporations. His statement in part was that,

“You may have your billionaires, but we shall have the first trillionaire”.

But this does not mean that we in the so-called civilised ‘West’ have to be conned by the fear that western leaders and mainstream media will put out and who would make out that this is a threat to us as it is not. But that is on the condition that we do not have presently governments that were really for the people and not predominantly for the hyper-rich. The fear is in believing the media lies and which in many ways as history has recorded, causes the major wars that we see. Therefore the threat of war is not from someone projecting something, but in deceiving the people that there is a threat. For the real problem lies in society itself and where we have to somehow create governments for the people and not for those who manipulate the world behind closed doors. Indeed, it is them in full cooperation with our political elites and media barons that determine if wars will be or hypocritically for them, if not.

For wars create vast wealth it has to be said based on all historical evidence for the few and in that process, impoverish the masses in their own life-time. Unfortunately based upon history again, wars are never ending when we look at our world and the base of that is the sheer greed of the very few, where those who have it, always want more...and more, no matter what. That is why the majority of people suffer continually, directly or indirectly whilst the few become ever richer as each war evolves, dies and passes onto another one. That can be said about countries also to keep their economy going like the USA. Indeed even the financial meltdown that was in many ways as destructive as a global conventional war, that clearly decimated global society, left the powerful few, further enriched according to financial evidence over the last 10-years - the rest of us lost out big time in an unprecedented way (many losing their life savings) and they wee had insanely through the ‘Establishment’ set up that protects the high and mighty, bailed the system out by putting us all in massive national debt.

But the reason why wars continually happen is because our political elite say one thing to the people and another thing behind powerful closed doors. Indeed getting back to the financial collapse, Obama told the American people on tv after the crash that he would get the bankers that caused all this, but a week after he appeared on US TV, he had a private meeting with the very sane top bankers that he told the people he was after and told them a totally different story.  At this meeting according to leaked documents from the White House (the reason why thereafter he hated journalists because of this specific leak) that was detailed in the media (but mainly suppressed by mainstream media), he told these powerful bankers who had predominantly caused the crash, that he would not be going for them and the complete opposite to what he had told the America people only a week before. Who do you believe, Obama or the leaked documents, but where I ask you one simple question, ‘have you or your friends heard anything more about all this and has any top banker (those who head up the largest global banks) been prosecuted, for I certainly have not.? Consequently what Obama told the bankers was the truth, but what he told the American people was a pack of lies.

Therefore until we have truthful politicians with ‘real’ integrity and we have ‘real’ trust in them, wars will continue unabated, as those who control the political leaders in the background will make sure that wars happen for their good, no matter what the dire consequences are for the people.
When considering this problem, only a great ‘sea-change’ in mind-sets and real democracy can be happen by the people and for the people through the new advent of crowd funding. For this is where the people can break this horrible cycle of dictatorial politics. Indeed, through this build-up over time of adopting this system of ‘people’s funded donations’, we have the means to do this and appoint the politicians that we the people want to see as our political representatives; not those chosen by ‘The Party’, who basically corrupt democracy unknown to most of the people. For the chosen few in politics are in reality ‘yes’ men or ‘yes’ women who are only selected if they tow ‘The Party’ line and basically not what their voters want. In this respect viewing the political system both in the UK and the USA in particular, ‘The Party’ rules supreme and where ‘The Party’ is not really concerned about what the people want to see happen. For overall when one studies the political system, ‘The Party’ only uses the people for a means to ‘The Party’s’ end.  Unfortunately most of the people are totally unaware of this situation and how really politics ‘ticks’ and operates. For don’t ever think that your vote means anything for you, as it does not in the reality and means everything for ‘The Party’ who overridingly control things just for themselves. Democracy is therefore dead in the ground thee days and if you don’t believe me, you should undertake your own research into how ‘The Party’ ticks behind closed doors.

I used to wonder in this respect also, why in Britain people like for instance Prince Charles and any of the Royal Family, are not allowed in any meaningful way that changes things to speak out. The answer is simple in that they are not allowed to do so by politicians, who are told by those who control them that they basically cannot. In this respect also, have you ever undertaken research into politicians who had spoken out against the system and then lose their seat at the next election. Not because they were particularly bad politicians (they are all the same in overview except for a very few of them), but simply because, ‘The Party’ has pulled their internal support from them through ‘Party’ deselected. That’s how ‘The’ Party’ system works with all the strings being pulled behind closed doors by others. These are the reasons why democracy in practice is nonexistent these days and where democracy is there only in theory it has to be said. Again don’t believe me, do your own homework and comment on the blog with your findings and how things really are.

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
12 November 2017


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